Casting - How to go about working for Eros5starEscorts


Eros5starEscorts have been in the business for many years and are confident in our achievements.

New to Escorting in Johannesburg?

Please be critical when choosing your escort agent! Why don't you apply with us and elsewhere at the same time? We're not afraid of the competition. Do yourself a favour and study our website well: from the design, to the content to the portfolios and model introductions, and then compare!

We are the best-suited escort agency for newcomers in Johannesburg. You will not be rushed into anything; our concern is that your desires and expectations are met. It is impossible to describe the interview in a few phrases, online or via email. We can, however, first have a phone conversation by phone if you wish.

The Eros5starEscorts Difference

We offer a professional service that is tailored to your needs as well as those of the client: each detail of administration and planning is taken care of for you. We are your bookkeeper, your travel agent, your stylist, your advisor, and your manager all in one.

An upscale experience: This is thanks to the clients we screen (!), the 5-star hotels and not 'motels' that rent rooms by the hour, the dinner-dates (yes, really), and the rates we command.

Your Interview with Eros5starEscorts

Depending on the timing, you could be invited to our office or we might take you out. We might have lunch or dinner at a chic bistro or hotel restaurant or tea and biscuits in a hotel bar, just to see how you behave in public. Because our dates involve you spending time out and about with the client, the interview is your chance to show us what the client will see.

Dress the part: a naturally self-confident, beautiful young woman with sex appeal. Whether your style is glamorous, casual-chic, or natural classic, we want to see you in your element. It's a good idea to go to the hairdresser and get a manicure ahead of your interview. Impress us.

Your appearance should reflect the fact that you are applying with a high-class escort agency in Singapore. If you are new and don't know what to wear, send us a picture of the outfit you are thinking about. We don't mind going back-and-forth (email) a few times to avoid an unsatisfactory choice.